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About me

Simplicity. Coffee. People watching.

I had two careers before I started teaching, and both included some form of teaching or training.

As a young professional, we usually take from life, but with age and experience, we learn to give back, and that my fellow teachers, is exactly what a good English Teacher should do.

Engage with your students and gain their interest; build their passion with good quality lessons and worksheets.

Add a little humor to the classroom and never be a boring lecturer!

Talkmor English Worksheets

Engaging your students in class is often not that easy. I’ve been creating and testing these lessons for almost 20 years and finally I’ve had the time to put them on paper and share them with you. I work with students from as young as 10 up to the end of high school, freshmen, sophomores and professional businessmen all trying to improve their speaking and listening abilities.

  • Each lesson is guaranteed to cover a 90 minute class, and in most cases can cover 2-3 hours.
  • Excellent for English Corners and can easily be adapted according to the ability of your students.
  • Suitable for any class. Whether your class is lower intermediate (freshman), intermediate, upper intermediate or advanced, there is something for all in these worksheets.
  • Enjoy! Have fun and encourage creative thinking.

A Short Guide

Most worksheets can either be given to the students or, what I mostly do, is get the students in “listening mode” and read the questions or vocabulary to them. It’s amazing how quickly their listening improves if they don’t always see the questions.
The nice part about reading the questions/vocabulary to them is the fact that most questions/vocabulary can be turned into something fun. I find that humor in the classroom helps students to remember vocabulary better and in a different way.

Online or In-Person Teaching

No difference. The worksheets can be used exactly the same in the classroom or for online classes. In both cases, I encourage my students to participate by giving bonus points for correct answers. Works like a bomb!

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